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Water Maintenance Management

MAINTENANCE of water supply system is defined as the art of keeping the structures, plants, machinery and equipment and other facilities in an optimum working order and proper functioning without any interruption. There are two types of maintenance which is Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

Water maintenance management software allows both preventive and unscheduled maintenance activities to be scheduled and tracked. Routine network inspections, system operations, and repair or replacement work orders are automatically issued. Work orders can be issued using any user-specified combination of date range, structure type, maintenance category, and priority. Customer complaints and service requests can be tied to specific network structures. Cross-referencing capabilities allow quick access to critical shutdown information.

Water Maintenance

To planned technical activities or activities carried out in response to a breakdown, to ensure that assets are functioning effectively, and requires skills, tools and spare parts

Corrective or breakdown maintenance

This is carried out when components fail and stop working. Breakdown is common in many utilities in Ethiopia and occurs as a result of poor preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

This is a regular, planned activity that takes place so that breakdowns are avoided. It ensures that the asset fulfills its service life & prevents crises occurring and costly repairs (in terms of time and money) being needed.